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Payleven M-10 Chip and Pin Reader

Payleven M-10 Chip and Pin Reader


Payleven and AirPOS come as a low-cost, integrated POS and payments solution making payments and reconciliation a simple task.

We have a special offer with AirPOS and Payleven: a special rate of only 1.95% per transaction for customers in the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland instead of the usual 2.75% 

  • Simple to use, easy to connect and mobile for outdoor use
  • Take credit card, debit card, contactless and Apple Pay payments
  • Integrated with AirPOS on both the Apple iPad and Android platforms
  • No monthly contracts
  • 4-7 day reconciliation of card payments direct to your account
  • 150 transaction battery life
  • Connects via bluetooth, usable on any Android / iPad device

Compatibility - Works with AirPOS for iPad and Android
Warranty - 1 year

*Get a FREE Payleven M-10 reader as part of our Android and iPad hardware bundles 

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